General Counseling Services

Individual and group counseling services are available to meet your needs.

Telebehavioral health counseling is also available to those not local to our office.

Telecounseling Services

Telecounseling with Native American LifeLines allows us to reach individuals who normally would not be able to meet for in-person counseling at our office. This could be due to disability, distance, transportation or time. With telecounseling you have access to a licensed clinical counselor via video conferencing to receive behavioral health and substance use counseling wherever you is convenient for you.

Questions about Telecounseling

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Recovery Support Group

Native American Lifelines offers a support group for those who are experiencing, or have experienced, difficulties related to alcohol and/or other substance misuse. This supportive, nonjudgmental, and culturally sensitive space is facilitated by a group therapist and is responsive to the experiences of our community members. This group provides an opportunity for people who have encountered similar challenges to share their stories, receive encouragement, and learn about ways to manage their recovery. Structured activities, such as coping/life skills and wellness workshops are sometimes a part of the meetings depending on the needs and preferences of group members. Group membership includes individuals at various stages of recovery. This group meets weekly on Monday evenings from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. Please contact our Baltimore office for more information.

Art Therapy

Therapeutic Arts Group

NAL offers weekly therapeutic arts groups, where participants can learn how to engage their inner strengths and develop creative coping skills to support their health and life goals. Integrating Indigenous identities throughout the group, group members are invites to explore their culture through artwork. Together the group will explore its unique voices and perspectives through experimentation with various media and techniques, reviewing contemporary Indigenous artists, and connecting with group members to share experiences and raise awareness within the Urban Native community. Contact our Baltimore office for more information. This group meets weekly. Materials are provided by NAL. Please contact our Baltimore office for more information.

Individual Art Therapy

Individualized art therapy allows clients to Embrace their creative process to open new pathways to self-healing. Participants collaborate with their therapist to engage trauma-informed approaches meant to help each person explore their individual strengths, express their emotions, and reflect on their experiences in order to transform pain into meaningful creations. Materials are provided by NAL. This program may also be available via telecounseling. Please contact our Baltimore office for more information.

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