Our Expertise

The staff and Board of Directors at NAL provide a wide range of expertise that provide the best skill sets for our clients. Please check our individual bio's for more information.


Board of Directors


Kiros Auld, President (Pamunkey)
Joshua Hudson, Vice President (Bay Mills Ojibwe)
Kerry Desjardins, Treasurer
Rick Kelley, Secretary (Nottoway)
Louis Campbell (Lumbee)
Stephanie Cassidy (Oglala Lakota)
Jennifer Hunt (Choctaw)
J Michael Parsons (Tuscarora)
Love Richardson (Nipmuc)
Jennifer Underbaggage (Blackfeet)


Message from the Executive Director


Health disparities among our people are staggering and for Urban Indians are often amplified by poverty, violence, food insecurity, and lack of access to quality healthcare, including IHS direct medical services. When one considers that better than 70% of Native people live outside of their reservation communities, and yet only 1% of the IHS budget is directed to Urban Indians (often with significant pushback from tribes to increase that line item), you get a sense of just how dire a situation this is. What can we do as Urban Indian people? Ask your tribal leadership to support Urban Indian Health Programs that serve you. Talk to your representatives about how important IHS is to you and what cuts to the budget would mean. Finally, take care of your own health! A healthier Indian Country starts with each and every one of us.
- KHL (1/26/2018)



Meet our Staff


Executive Director
Kerry Hawk Lessard, MAA (Shawnee)

Clinical Director
Dustin T Richardson, LCPC (Blackfeet)

Fiscal Manager
Jess McPherson, BFA, CACS (Shawnee)

Fiscal Assistant
Brittany Ruffin

Substance Abuse Counselor (Baltimore)
Christina Allen, LCPC

Group Counselor (Baltimore)
Shelly Wiechelt, PhD

Medical Case Manager (Baltimore)
Danielle Baldwin, BSW

Transportation (Baltimore)
Chris Simmons

Office Assistant (Baltimore)
Jamie Grace Alexander

Program Manager (Boston)
Janelle Pocowatchit, BS (Comanche/Mi'kmaq)

Outreach Coordinator (Boston)
Nena Howlingcrane (Pawnee)

Program Assistant (Boston)
Ella Mae Blackowl (Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma)




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