About NAL

Our goal is to connect Natives with the resources that they need to live a healthy life. We work with the community to identify the needs of our youth, adults and families to develop programs that enhance creativity, penetrate addictions, and cultivate spirituality.

Our Vision

To empower the Native American community, regardless of their socio-economic status, to live abstinence based lifestyle that promotes maximum physical, spiritual, psychological and social health. 


Our Mission

Native American LifeLines is dedicated to providing Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment, Case Management and Dental services to the American Indian community through a comprehensive continuum of care that is patient centered, culturally sensitive and optimal for personal growth



NAL History

In September 2000 Ms. Roth started a non-profit organization (Native American LifeLines) to serve American Indians in Baltimore and surrounding counties. In 2011, Native American LifeLines opened a new service location in Boston. Both programs share the dedicated mission to provide substance abuse prevention, mental health treatment, case management, outreach services, health education, disease prevention and dental services to Native Americans and their families through an integrated, comprehensive continuum of care in a client centered, culturally sensitive environment.

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