About NAL

Native American LifeLines, Inc., a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, is a Title V Indian Health Services contracted Urban Indian Health Program serving the Baltimore and Boston metropolitan areas.

Our Mission

The mission of Native American LifeLines is to promote health and social resiliency within Urban American Indian communities. Native American LifeLines applies principles of trauma informed care to provide culturally centered behavioral health, dental, and outreach and referral services.


Our Vision

To empower the Native American community, regardless of their socio-economic status, to live abstinence based lifestyle that promotes maximum physical, spiritual, psychological and social health. 



NAL History

Native American LifeLines was established in 2000 to meet the somatic and behavioral health needs of Urban Indians residing in the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area. With a focus on direct substance abuse prevention and treatment services, LifeLines also provides health promotion/disease prevention activities designed to improve the health status of the community as well as case management services that facilitate and coordinate access to much needed care. Baltimore later received funding to provide general dentistry on a once-weekly basis. In 2011, LifeLines acquired the IHS Title V contract to provide these same core services to Urban Indians within the Boston, Massachusetts area.

With the retirement of founding Executive Director Susan Roth in 2013, LifeLines entered into a new era of leadership, radically rethinking the implementation and delivery of services across sites. Specifically, our approach is threefold: community centered, culturally grounded, and trauma informed.